U-Cart Pricing

Price List

Last Updated:  June 2023


Concrete is made with Type 50 cement powder with 14mm minus aggregate.


  1. Use of the cart for a 3-hour period.
  2. 5-7% air entrainment
  3. Plasticizer with Retardant to delay the setting.

OPTIONAL:  Accelerator (Winter Heat)
We add an accelerator to speed up the setting. The industry standard for adding accelerator (aka: winter heat) is October 15th to April 30th. Winter heat includes heated aggregate, hot water, accelerator and water reducer. Hot water may be substituted for cold water on request.  Cost: Add an extra $5 per 1/4 yard to prices shown below.


This an excellent regular strength concrete that can be used for almost anything that will not have a tremendous weight on it such as hot tubs or vehicles.


This strength of concrete meets and exceeds the minimum standard of the Alberta building code and the CSA, which require a strength of 27.5 Mpa and can be used for driveways, hot tub pads and more.