We often suggest that customers use Concrete Fence Posts as a base for their new shed.

The are ideal because…

They are super strong and long lasting
They are very easy to lay
Can be dug into ground or laid on top
Cheaper than a slab base
Raises the shed up off the floor and out of rainwater
Here is a short guide to help you understand which size posts you will require

Example – 7 x 5 Apex Shed

The floor runners on our sheds always run the LONGEST length. So for a 7 x 5 shed the floor would look like this from underneath

Floor runners on a shed base
Therefore, you will need 5′ Concrete posts so that they run the opposite way to our floor runners, as seen in this diagram (seen from underneath)

Floor runners on a shed base
So in conclusion, for a 7′ x 5′ shed, you’ll need: 4 x 5′ concrete fence posts

A very cheap, sturdy, long-lasting base.
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