When we asked about concrete patio designs by a homeowner or a customer they usually ask  what looks best or what do you think I should do?

Both, very good questions!

But difficult for us to answer because what looks good to one of our staff may not look good to you.

What kind of patio designs are there?

concrete patio designs by Day's Concrete Floors, Inc

Above, you’ll see some pretty simple designs for concrete patios we’ve done over the years.

All of these are stamped concrete patios with designs that include ashlar slate, stone texture, cobblestone and tile.

The most popular patio design we install is ashlar slate. It goes well with most landscapes and looks really good in a variety of colors.

You can check out some more stamping patterns here.


How decorative can a patio be?

A concrete patio can be as decorative as your imagination allows you to be!

This one has multiple curves, a stone pattern, a border design and two sets of concrete steps.  Wow!

This front patio has a tile pattern with a circular brick design installed using a concrete stencil. Then the concrete was colored with a concrete stain. Like previously mentioned, the possibilities are endless when you use concrete!

Is concrete the best patio material to use?

In our honest opinion, Yes!

Not just because we’re in the concrete business.

But because half of the people that call to install a concrete patio already have one made of:

  • Wood – usually rotted out or splintered & faded color
  • Pavers – always seem to move and need re-adjusting
  • Stone – hard to keep clean and can’t shovel in the winter
  • Grass or Dirt – not really considered patios are they?

That they want to replace for just those reasons.

If done right, and let us stress “done right” concrete will last for 30 or more years with just some simple maintenance.

Some great qualities of concrete are:

  • Durable – concrete is very strong, will withstand harsh weather
  • Versatile – As you can see above, many designs are possible
  • Less maintenance – clean and re-seal once every year or two
  • Environmentally friendlier – don’t have to re-stain or paint, or cut down trees for lumber
  • Better long term value – do it once “right” and it’s done, will add more value to your home.

BONUS: Steve’s U-Cart Concrete is the only concrete supplier in town that already has the plasticizer inside the mixture, allowing for greater strength and durability for your projects!