We believe concrete is the best option for a patio.  Consider the alternatives:

  • Wood – usually rotted out or splintered & faded color
  • Pavers – always seem to move and need re-adjusting
  • Stone – hard to keep clean and can’t shovel in the winter
  • Grass or Dirt – not really considered patios are they?

If done right, concrete will last for 30 or more years with just some simple maintenance.

Some great qualities of concrete are:

  • Durable – concrete is very strong, will withstand harsh weather
  • Versatile – many designs options
  • Less maintenance – clean and re-seal once every year or two
  • Environmentally friendlier – don’t have to re-stain or paint, or cut down trees for lumber
  • Better long term value – do it once “right” and it’s done, will add more value to your home.