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Spring has Sprung!


Spring has Sprung! Another Spring has arrived in Calgary, and we couldn't be happier. We look forward to assisting you with your Spring [...]

Spring has Sprung!2019-05-15T13:48:44-06:00

Cracking Concrete


WHAT is Cracking? Concrete, like other construction materials, contracts and expands with changes in moisture content and temperature and deflects depending on load [...]

Cracking Concrete2017-11-27T10:37:09-06:00

Scaling Concrete


Scaling Concrete 1. What is Scaling? Scaling is flaking or peeling of a finished hardened concrete surface as a result of exposure to cycles [...]

Scaling Concrete2017-10-23T15:54:02-06:00

Advantages of Ready-Mix Concrete


Advantages of Ready Mixed Concrete: Quality assured concrete:- Concrete is produced under controlled conditions using consistent quality of raw material. High speed of construction- Speed [...]

Advantages of Ready-Mix Concrete2017-02-26T09:07:37-06:00

How Big is the Ready Mix Concrete Sector in Canada?


Industry Analysis & Industry Trends in Canada Source: https://www.ibisworld.ca/industry/ready-mix-concrete-manufacturing.html Operators in this industry produce wet-batch concrete and deliver it in an unhardened and plastic [...]

How Big is the Ready Mix Concrete Sector in Canada?2017-02-26T09:02:47-06:00

Concrete Trends


Concrete Trends While a concrete driveway is hardly a brand-new trend, there are several trends in the industry which can take your driveway from [...]

Concrete Trends2017-02-26T08:53:59-06:00

What is a Vapor Barrier used for?


Concrete Vapor Barrier A concrete vapor barrier is simply a sheet of polyethylene plastic (Visqueen) placed directly on top of the sub-grade before the [...]

What is a Vapor Barrier used for?2017-02-26T08:41:09-06:00

What is Polished Concrete?


Polished concrete flooring is a being used in retail stores, dealerships, schools, commercial buildings and residential homes as an alternative to marble, granite, tile, [...]

What is Polished Concrete?2017-02-26T08:36:05-06:00

History of Concrete


Important dates in the history of concrete: In 1886, the first rotary kiln was introduced in England that made constant production of cement. In [...]

History of Concrete2017-02-26T08:33:02-06:00
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