Advantages of Ready Mixed Concrete:

  1. Quality assured concrete:- Concrete is produced under controlled conditions using consistent quality of raw material.
  2. High speed of construction- Speed of construction can be vary fast in case RMC is used.
  3. Reduction in cement consumption by 10 – 12 % due to better handling and proper mixing. Further reduction is possible if mineral admixtures or cementitious materials are used.
  4. Versatility in uses and methods of placing: The mix design of the concrete can be tailor made to suit the placing methods of the contractor.
  5. Since ready mixed concrete (RMC) uses bulk cement instead of bagged cement, dust pollution will be reduced and cement will be saved.
  6. Conservation of energy and resources because of saving of cement.
  7. Environment pollution is reduced due to less production of cement.
  8. With better durability of structure, their overall service life increase and there is saving in life-cycle cost.
  9. Eliminating or minimizing human error and reduction in dependency on labour.
  10. Timely deliveries in large as well as small pours.
  11. No need for space for storing the materials like coarse and fine aggregate, cement, water and admixtures.
  12. No delay due to site based batching plant erection/ dismantling; no equipment to hire; no depreciation of costs.
  13. Reduced noise and air pollution; less consumption of petrol and
    diesel and less time loss to business.